Kansas Offers Tax Credit for Buying FFV, Using E85

Kansas Offers Tax Credit for Buying FFV, Using E85

Drivers who use 500 gallons of E85 in new FFV get $750 tax credit.

It's not "Cash for Clunkers" but there's a lucrative tax credit out there for Kansas motorists considering buying a Flex Fuel Vehicle and using E85 fuel.

The state of Kansas is offering a $750 tax credit to owners of new FFV who use 500 gallons of E85 in the first two years they own their car.

With E85 available in more and more locations across the state, owners of FFVs have ample opportunity to buy E85.

The Kansas Corn Commission has joined several other corn producing states, the Renewable Fuels Association and the American Coalition for Ethanol to add ethanol blender pumps in key locations across the nation. Blender pumps offer E85 fuel as well as other mid-grade ethanol blends such as E20 and E40. Eleven plants currently produce 450 million gallons of fuel ethanol in Kansas.

Over 45 fuel retailers who sell higher blends of ethanol including E85 are located in cities across Kansas. For a comprehensive E85 station list and for more information on the tax credit, visit www.ksgrains.com.

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