Kansas Sampler Foundation Welcomes Shari Wilson

Kansas Sampler Foundation Welcomes Shari Wilson

New board of directors member, husband, have visited more than 40 countries, still love rural Kansas.

Shari Wilson is newest member of the board of directors of the Kansas Sampler Foundation.

Shari presently lives in Kansas City, Kan. but grew up in Bison, Bird City, and Claflin.  She graduated from Washburn with degrees in history and philosophy.  She has a master's degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Kansas.  She is currently the Statewide Partnerships and Planning Director for the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE).  Shari also serves as the vice-chair of the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission, and on the boards of the Owen/Cox Dance Group and Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City.  She is on the executive committee of the Kansas State Historical Society. 

Shari and husband, Chris Steineger, enjoy traveling and have visited more than 40 countries.  "We always like to spend time in the small towns and countryside of wherever we are visiting," she said. 

They live in the Muncie area of Kansas City with lots of deer, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, and one hibernating wood chuck, as well as the loudest-meowing cat ever, Bailey.

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