Kansas Wheat Commission Seeking Proposals

Kansas Wheat Commission Seeking Proposals

Researchers invited to submit proposals to help wheat growers.

The Kansas Wheat Commission is looking for research proposals that can help Kansas wheat farmers become more profitable.

Preliminary proposals are due by Oct. 30. They will be reviewed by a committee of farmer-commissioners and invitations for full proposals will be issued on Nov. 13.

Final proposals are due Dec. 31 and applicants will be invited to give a brief presentation to a research review committee in Manhattan on Jan. 13-14, 2010. Final award announcements will be made next spring.

Some specific areas of interest include:


- Updated information on Hessian fly biotypes in Kansas and appropriate monitoring and management tools.
- Development of new disease management tools.        
- Stored grain management tools.
- Best management practices to maximize yields.
Testing Methods and Procedures

- Efficient and rapid market applicable test for identifying and predicting end-use quality of HW and HRW. Available to growers and grain trade for identifying and capturing value.

- Identify traits that could be introduced into wheat that would encourage consumer acceptance.
- Yield enhancing and adaptability traits (heat tolerance, drought resistant, nitrogen-use efficiency, insect resistance, disease resistance).
Value-Added Uses

- Wheat and wheat bi-products for use in biofuel applications, including on-farm fuel production.
- Development of wheat varieties for livestock feed and industrial applications WITH associated marketing and handling systems feasibility studies to identity preserve waxy wheat from milling-quality wheat. Consumer Preferences
- Benefits of whole grains and healthful components of wheat in the diet.
- New uses of wheat.
Intellectual Property

- Evaluate existing intellectual property structures at other research institutions that allow at least a portion of the commercialization benefits of discoveries to flow directly back to producers.
To submit a two-page, preliminary proposal, the following must be included:

* Title, Estimated Project Cost (without budget),
* Project Status (new or continuing),
* Principal Investigators (contact information - including e-mail addresses),
* Introduction, Objectives, Project Location and Duration,
* Other Funding Received For Project (include other potential funding sources), Research Cooperators, Expected Outcome (including benefits to Kansas wheat producers). 

Proposals not meeting these requirements will be rejected.
All pre-proposals should be submitted via electronic mail in Word document or Adobe Acrobat format to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected], no later than October 30, 2009. Proposals are evaluated and prioritized by committee based on relevance to Kansas Wheat goals and funds available. 
Proposals are evaluated and prioritized by committee based on relevance to Kansas Wheat goals and funds available. 

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