Key Ag Trade Negotiator Leaves Trade Office

Long-time technical expert in ag trade talks heads to private sector.

Former U.S. Trade Ambassador Allen F. Johnson, who now heads AFJ and Associates in Washington, D.C., has confirmed that Jason Hafemeister will join his firm early next year – leaving his post at the U.S. Trade Representative's office. Hafemeister, who is deputy assistant U.S. Trade Representative for the World Trade Organization agricultural negotiations, has played a key role in technical agricultural negotiations for several years of the WTO Doha Round.

During Johnson's four years as chief U.S. agricultural trade negotiator, the two men worked closely on the WTO round. Ambassador Richard Crowder is the current USTR chief agricultural trade negotiator. Johnson's Washington trade consulting firm specializes in trade issues with Central America. The company has offices in both Washington, D.C. and Guatemala.

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