Kinze Offers Air Seed Delivery

Kinze Offers Air Seed Delivery

Company's 3600 through 3800 planters now offer ASD precision

Kinze's addition of air seed delivery to popular planters wills see a pair of 40-bushel hoppers located centrally on the machines feeding seed to individual rows on the force of a single fan.

The ASD capability is now on the 3600-3800 planters which feature heavy-duty wing hinges and 14-degree flexibility along with precision-cut plated sprockets and end-mounted transmissions.

Kinze's new ASD air seed delivery system is now available on the 3600, 3660, 3700 and 3800 planters.

Options on the new packages include weight transfer packages, mechanical finger and brush meters and the company's EdgeVac metering for accurate seed spacing and propulsion. Other options include rubber V closing wheels or a choice of cast iron, a pneumatic down-pressure package, a KPM III Seed Monitor, and either INTEGRA (Ag Leader) or Kinze Cobalt display packages.

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