Kinze Offers the Industry's First Factory Optional Planter Scale Package

Kinze Offers the Industry's First Factory Optional Planter Scale Package

Scale provides producers an important management tool to improve efficiency.

Kinze Manufacturing has announced a first in the agricultural equipment industry – it will be the only planter manufacturer to offer a scale package as a factory option on all Air Seed Delivery (ASD) planters in its 2010 product line.  The scale package option will provide corn, soybean and other row-crop producers an important management tool to help them improve planting efficiency and seed management.


Kinze will offer Digi-Star scales on its ASD row-crop planters as a premier management tool for growers. The scale package features the following:

·         Three 1,500 pound Digi-Star load cells per tank (six total)

·         Platform-mounted display installed near the planter's ASD tanks for easy use when loading tanks

·         Wiring and cabling, as needed


Kinze Product Manager Matt Miner explained that the scale package offers row crop producers an excellent way to increase planting efficiency and convenience.


"The platform-mounted display provides a number of features so planting can be more efficient than ever," Miner said. "In addition to showing the gross and individual weight of tanks, the display allows the grower to input the number of seeds per pound and the population data. This way they can easily see the number of acres to empty in each tank and an overall total."


Miner further explained that the superior accuracy of the scale allows for better management of seed use when working with varying seed sizes and weights. An added benefit of the use of the scale is that leftover seed is kept to a minimum. 


Because the scale package is offered directly from the planter manufacturer, growers won't have the inconvenience of an additional scale display in their tractor cab. The Kinze-supplied planter scale integrates with the in-cab Kinze Vision system, so growers have the convenience of seeing both the number of acres until empty and individual tank weights from their tractor seat. 


"Kinze is excited to be offering this new scale package option on its 2010 ASD planters," Miner said. "It's a clear demonstration of our determination to enhance our 'best in class' planter products with relevant technology that helps the crop producer farm more efficiently and profitably. That's not just part of our company's mission statement – it's how we do business every day."


For more information about the new scale package available on the 2010 line of Kinze planters with ASD, contact your local Kinze dealer. Visit to learn more about Kinze planters.

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