K-State Beef Roundup Slated for Hays Research Center

April 17 program focuses on stocking and preconditioning.

Kansas State University's Agricultural Research Center at Hays has scheduled its Beef Roundup for April 17.

The annual event will begin with registration at 11:30 a.m. and lunch at noon in the center's Hays Arena. There is no charge to attend the event and lunch is complimentary.

The Roundup, which is open to beef producers and anyone in the community and beyond, will provide an overview of research projects ongoing at the center.

The presentations will include:
• Preconditioning and weaning management;
• Comparison of stocking strategies for western Kansas rangelands;
• Sensors to monitor illness in cattle;
• Effect of marbling and backfat on cow productivity;
• Walking tour of the feedlot;
• Effects of dietary vitamin A level and weaning age on beef carcass quality;
• Comparison of placing stockers on grass or directly on feed;
• Effects of implanting and feeding zilpaterol on performance, carcass characteristics and subprimal meat yields on fed cull cows;
• Effect of feeding rumen-protected choline to cows during late gestation and early lactation;
• Preconditioning management of early- and traditionally-weaned calves; and
• Summary of results from recent studies examining the use of distiller's byproducts.

More information about the Roundup is available by calling 785-625-3425.

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