K-State Team Develops Phosphorus Recovery System

K-State Team Develops Phosphorus Recovery System

Process removes phosphorus from waste stream; makes fertilizer.

A new, patented process to help recover phosphorus from feedlot waste streams and turn into a slow-release granular fertilizer has been developed at Kansas State University's Advanced Manufacturing Institute.

Work to commercialize the technology is being done by Kansas Environmental Management Associates, a joint venture formed specifically to develop and market the process by DT Search and Designs, a St. Joseph, Mo., technology development company and KLA Environmental Services, an arm of the Kansas Livestock Association.

DT Search and Designs initially approached K-States AMI asking for help in developing a multi-pronged water treatment process for concentrated animal feeding operations.

K-State's research team developed a laboratory model, then a pilot scale version and finally a fully automated farm-scale process at Supreme Cattle Feeders in Liberal.

Other partners with similar interests in phosphorus reduction include the Kansas Livestock Association, KLA Environmental Services, Inc., Kansas Bioscience Authority, Kansas Corn Commission, Missouri Life Science Research Board, United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute is a part of K-State's College of Engineering and a Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation Center of Excellence that provides engineering and business services to develop products and processes. More information on the institute is available online at www.amisuccess.com.

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