Kubota Lays Down Tracks With New Krawler

M-Series gets bogeys and treads to cut compaction and boost traction.

Producers with vineyards, orchards and other places where width can be an issue have a new choice in tractor configuration with Kubota's new M8540 Power Krawler.

The lower center-of-gravity with the rear track assembly allows increased traction and stability on hills, plus the design of the machine allows its use on pavement or blacktop surfaces without road damage. Tracks also allow the tractor's 6,504 lbs. to ride smoothly and with much less compaction than a similar wheeled model.

The Power Krawler comes with a 230 cubic-inch 4-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged diesel engine rated at 76 horsepower at the powertakeoff. A two-range four-speed fully-synchronized transmission can also be outfitted with a creeper gear for a total of 12 speeds forward and reverse.

The compact size of the Power Krawler includes a 54-inch width, 92-inch height, and 138.2-inch length with 15.4 inches of crop clearance. The M8540 sports a 13.1-foot turning radius.

The new Power Krawler is available nationwide. For more information seek dealers near you at: www.kubota.com.

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