Kubota Offers Gasoline RTV500

Gas-powered Kubota fits in the bed of a standard pickup.

Kubota's new RTV500 fits in the bed of a standard size long-bed pickup truck, runs 25 miles per hour, features 4 wheel drive, and burns gasoline.

The new gasoline powered Kubota utility vehicle is fuel injected, liquid cooled and ready to run in hot or cold conditions with 15.8 horsepower. The engine is mated to Kubota's new VHT Plus variable hydrostatic transmission which provides hill-holding and engine braking capabilities and eliminates belts.

The RTV500 can tow up to 1,100 lbs. and is rated to carry more than 440 lbs. in its bed. Vehicle weight is 1,278 lbs.

NEW UTILITY VEHICLE: Kubota is offering a gasoline-powered RTV500 utility vehicle that sports 4WD and fits

in a long-bed standard-size pickup truck. The machine has a variable hydrostatic transmission and electronic fuel injection.

The machine is equipped with a standard roll over protection cage, a flat floor, durable bench seats and an intuitive, simple dashboard.

You can get one in Kubota Orange or Realtree Hardwoods camo. The option list is long and includes a 60-inch snow blade, a 2,500 lb. winch, work lights and more.

For more information on the RTV500, visit www.kubota.com.  

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