Kuhn Knight Builds AccuSpread

Kuhn Knight Builds AccuSpread

Spinner discharge unit allows commercial apron box spreaders to slow down and still apply accurately.

The new AccuSpread spinner discharge from Kuhn Knight provides the most uniform spread pattern of any similar machine in its class.

Using two spinner discs, each fitted with three shear bolt-secured paddles, the machine allows low rate application to allow operators to take full advantage of nutrient values.

Rugged horizontal beaters, with cast teeth, maintain excellent durability and provide efficient material breakup for consistent spreading of dry, flowable material up to a 60-foot spread width.

The AccuSpread spinner discharge is one of three beater options available on the PSC Series that includes truck and trailer models with capacities of 610, 710, and 810 heaped cubic feet.

Accurate rates at slow speeds are possible with Kuhn North America's new AccuSpread spinner discharge for PSC Series ProSpread box spreaders.

For more information, visit www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

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