Kuhn Knight Has New Spreader

Kuhn Knight Has New Spreader

PSC Series Pro-Spread Commercial spreaders are built for efficient use and tough demands.

The PSC Pro-Spread Commercial apron box spreader from Kuhn North America boasts all-welded construction, friction-resistant poly floor and an innovative split-apron drive.


A hydraulically-controlled, variable-speed apron allows even spreading of pen pack, feedlot and dairy manure, and many other solid materials. The spreaders can accommodate horizontal and vertical beaters and include three models with capacities of 610, 710 and 810 heaped cubic feet. The spread pattern is a consistent 25 to 30 feet.


The new series of equipment is also compatible with a scale system to allow and monitor application quantities for maximum advantage of nutrients in the spread material.


For more information, click on www.kuhnnorthamerica.com.

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