Lamy Says Talks Moving Toward Moment of Truth

EU leader says Doha Round still doable.

During an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ministerial Council meeting Thursday in Paris, European Union Director-General Pascal Lamy said that the worsening of the economic climate, high commodity prices and the technical maturity of the Doha Round of global trade talks are moving WTO members toward the moment of truth.

"The next two weeks will require an intensive engagement by senior officials in Geneva," Lamy says. "And I would be grateful if all negotiators around this table could ensure that your senior officials have marching orders to work in Geneva on Monday, June 9 in full swing."

Lamy says there are several issues and topics to be worked out and while modalities are a stepping stone for more detailed commitments, nothing can be can be agreed upon until everything is agreed upon.

"What remains to be done is achievable and limited, compared to what we have already managed to build together through these last seven years of negotiations", Lamy says. "We have a lot to do and little time to do it. But I remain convinced this is doable."

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