Learn All About Growing, Grazing Cover Crops

Learn All About Growing, Grazing Cover Crops

Berns brothers from Nebraska, specialist, local producers will share knowledge, ideas.

Keith and Brian Berns, Green Cover Seed, Bladen, Neb. will be in Anthony on Feb. 2 to meet with farmers who want to know more about improving soil, replacing fallow periods and providing supplemental grazing benefits with cover crops.

The meeting will be at the Smokehouse Restaurant from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also on the program will be John Snider with PGG Seeds, a grazing expert. PGG Seeds grows nutritious and fast-growing hybrid brassicas that have been used around the world in cover crop grazing programs.

Several local producers will also share their experiences in growing – or trying to grow – cover crops.

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