Lease Agreement Reached by NPPC and NPB

National Pork Board's headquarters will remain in Des Moines.

The National Pork Producers Council, which owns the building in Des Moines, Iowa that the National Pork Board has occupied since 2001 has agreed to a lease that will keep the National Pork Board there until 2037.

The building housed the NPPC from 1979 until 2001 when a court decision ended NPPC's role as a general contractor for NPB.

There is a strong emotional attachment between producers and this building," says Lynn Harrison, the president of the National Pork Board. "The way it was built, with individual contributions, represents the way we continue to work today. We bring producers and their resources together to accomplish things they couldn’t achieve on their own. The building is a powerful symbol of that philosophy."

Last fall the lease on the building was coming due and the board explored other locations for its headquarters, but according to Harrison it was clear that producers wanted to keep the building in the family.

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