Less Meat in 2009

Production will be down next year.

Normally livestock producers increase production of meat each year, at least enough to keep up with the increase in population, but according to World Agricultural Outlook Board Chairman Gerry Bange that will not be the case next year.

"Production will be down some if you look at meat in total," Bange says. "We are looking at about a 1.2% reduction in U.S. meat production for the 2009 year."

Bange says beef production will drop .5% next year, pork 2.3% and broilers just under 1%, but that is less of a cutback than had been expected earlier this year.

"One of the reasons of course is that the producers are looking at somewhat lower feed costs," Bange says.

Still livestock producers will be paying record high prices for corn and soybean products, meaning a cut in the number of animals being fed, which will send livestock prices as well as meat prices up.

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