Letter Asks NAIS be Shut Down

Letter Asks NAIS be Shut Down

Groups ask Congress to use limited funding to dissolve program.

In a letter to USDA and Congress, a group of 100 agricultural organizations is urging that the National Animal Identification System be dissolved completely. They say that NAIS is fundamentally flawed: 1) no food safety benefits; 2) no analysis or quantification of the alleged benefits; 3) unfair burdens placed on family farms and sustainable livestock operations; and, 4) high costs. The groups want to work with USDA to enhance the nation's animal disease preparedness in a manner that builds upon past successes and respects the interests of U.S. livestock producers and consumers.


The letter to Congress asks members of the House and Senate to support the limited use of NAIS funding to shut down the program, and to refocus the agency on measures that truly improve animal health and respect the interests of both livestock owners and consumers. The group also asked USDA to recognize the fundamental flaws in NAIS and the public opposition to the program advancement, in any way, of this program.


According to the letter, NAIS will not address animal disease or food safety problems. Instead, NAIS imposes high costs and paperwork burdens on family farmers and creates incentives for corporate-controlled confined animal feeding operations and vertically integrated systems. The letter emphasizes that this ill-conceived and badly implemented program should be halted.

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