Letter Supports On-Farm Use of Antibiotics

Animal agriculture coalition discusses need for safe and effective technologies

A coalition of 20 organizations related to animal agriculture has sent a letter to Melody Barnes, assistant to President Barack Obama for domestic policy, regarding the on-farm use of low-level antibiotics in livestock and poultry. The letter said farmers and ranchers strive daily to provide best possible management of their animals through superior genetics, nutrition, veterinary care, housing and handling. Maintaining the health of U.S. herds and flocks requires farmers and ranchers to have available approved safe and effective technologies, including animal health products.


There has been a recent push for legislation to ban the use of non-treatment antibiotics in livestock and add regulations to the use of all antibiotics.


Despite allegations surrounding the use of some products, the letter continued, no conclusive scientific studies have been offered demonstrating the use of antibiotics on farms contributes significantly to an increase in human resistance. In fact, a growing body of evidence shows just the opposite, namely the responsible, professional use of these products reduces pathogens in and on foods, enhancing animal welfare while not contributing to resistance.

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