Lincoln Electric Unveils Ranger 225 GXT

New model offers AC/DC welding.

Lincoln Electric's new Ranger 225 GXT offers AC/DC welding and more than 10KW alternator power in a fully-enclosed case machine.

Reduced noise and machine damage are benefits of the new case design, yet service to the engine, generator and welder is easily accomplished through three case doors.

The engine-driven welder provides 225-amp power at 25 volts for stick, TIG, MIG and flux-core welding, as well as arc gouging. The smooth AC/DC output is designed around a wide range of stick electrodes such as Lincoln's Excalibur and Fleetweld products.

The generator is rated at 9KW continuous output with a peak of 10.5KW for motor starting. The generator is designed to be compatible with high frequency needs such as plasma cutters, inverter welders, powering power tools and lights, as well as back-up power generator for inclement weather and emergencies.

For more information on the GTX, visit

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