Load in Under Four Feet

Load in Under Four Feet

Compact track loader is designed for tight spots.

Full feature skid loading in less than 4 feet is the highlight of Bobcat's new T110 compact track loader.

Designed for tight spots, whether in barn stalls or on projects that require a compact machine to avoid collateral damage and property line problems, the T110 provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio and non-compacting flotation tracks. The T110 measures 47 inches wide, but handles 26 different attachments available from Bobcat ranging from concrete breakers to pallet forks and soil conditioners, and augers, tillers and snow blowers.

In addition, the Bobcat Bob-Tach mounting system is standard on the T110 and features a 12.5 gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow rate for ultimate attachment performance.

The T110 has an operating capacity of 1,100 lbs. and weighs 5,202 lbs. It is powered with a 41.8 horsepower engine.

Inside, the T110 cab offers a suspension seat, excellent all-around visibility, easy-to-read instruments and an optional all-weather enclosure.

For more information, visit: www.bobcat.com/loaders/product_lines/track.

NARROW TRACK LOADER: Bobcat's new T110 offers skid-loader capabilities in a package able to fit in 4-foot holes. The T110 will operate 26 different Bobcat attachments and is equipped with a high-flow hydraulic system to power them.

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