Logistics Park Intermodal Facility Now Open in Edgerton

Logistics Park Intermodal Facility Now Open in Edgerton

Kansas City area development expected to create 7,400 local jobs; 13,000 jobs across the state.

Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal Facility introduced the BNSF Railway's newest intermodal facility in a ceremony in Edgerton, Kansas Oct. 17.

The distribution and warehouse development is expected to help create 7,400 jobs in the immediate area of the development and a total of 13,000 jobs in Kansas when it is fully built-out.

The Logistics Park facility encompasses 433 acres and will have an initial lift capacity of 500,000 truck containers and trailers with the ability to expand to 1.5 million units.

"BNSF greatly appreciates the support of all of the government and business leaders who worked with us to make this day possible. That support is an important part of the reason why Kansas City has developed into one of the most strategic transportation hubs in the nation," said Matthew K. Rose, BNSF Railway chairman and chief executive officer. "BNSF's significant investment in this new facility will not only make this one of the most efficient intermodal facilities in the country, it will also help enhance the Kansas City region's position in the global supply chain by offering shippers more capacity and service options."

Demand for freight rail transportation in the Kansas City region has been growing at a fast pace. The Logistics Park facility will nearly double BNSF's lift capacity in the market. It encompasses 433 acres and will have an initial lift capacity of 500,000 truck containers and trailers with the ability to expand to 1.5 million units.

A big asset for business in the region

"The intermodal facility is a tremendous asset for businesses in this region," Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. "This facility will not only create thousands of good jobs directly, it will help give Kansas businesses a competitive advantage in shipping their products to market quickly. That will support additional economic growth and job creation in our state."

"We are uniquely situated in Kansas to serve as an important crossroads for goods traveling across the country by highway and rail," said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King. "When an economic opportunity like the intermodal facility emerges, and it can be seized by providing the appropriate infrastructure, I want our state's transportation agencies to be in a position to capitalize on that opportunity. For a state investment of $22 million in construction costs for the recently opened I-35 Interchange near the BNSF facility, there will be a significant economic impact."

The LPKC facility has six 8,000-foot tracks for loading and unloading Intermodal trains, more than 1,800 parking spaces and will have 4,300 container stacking spots at full build-out. It is equipped with five wide-span, electric, rail-mounted gantry cranes, which produce zero emissions on site and will significantly reduce the number of hostler trucks needed to move containers within the facility.

LPKC also features an automated gate system for trucks as they enter and exit the intermodal facility, a biometric driver identification system and digital cameras to record images of containers, chassis and tractors. These elements will increase security, while improving throughput and reducing truck idling and emissions.

The business park has 500,000 square feet of speculative distribution building space available for warehouse and distribution centers. Visit the LPKC website for more information about the LPKC Intermodal Facility and the LPKC business park. More information about BNSF is available at the BNSF website.

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