Look Good Welding for Less

Graphic welding helmets from Hobart come at an affordable price.

Hobart Welding Products has introduced the most affordable graphic welding helmets on the market with the debut of the U.S. Flag and Tribal Flame designs.

Both styles are a part of Hobarts Fixed-Shade Non-Auto Darkening helmet line, which features a #10 fixed-shade lens measuring 4.5- x 5.25-in. This large window is ideal for hobbyists, farmers and home mechanics who occasionally Stick, MIG, Flux Cored and TIG weld.

Offered through farm/ranch and hardware/tool retailers in the U.S. and Canada, the U.S. Flag and Tribal Flame helmets have an MSRP of $35; but prices and availability may vary by retailer.

For more information on selecting the right helmet suited for light to moderate applications, visit www.HobartWelders.com or call 1-877-HOBART1 (877-462-2781).

FIXED SHADE STYLE: Hobart Welding Products is offering an economical, but graphically up-to-date set of fixed shade welding helmets with its U.S. Flag and Tribal Flame designs.

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