Lucas Has Cap and Trade Concerns

Program will have negative impact in rural America.

The top Republican on the House Ag Committee is voicing his concerns about "Cap and Trade" contained in the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

"As a student of agriculture economics, I have very serious concerns about Cap and Trade and its impact on rural economies," said ranking member Frank Lucas, R-Okla. "Cap and Trade is nothing more than a national energy tax, and the effects will be far-reaching to businesses, consumers, and even more so to rural America."

Lucas sees Cap and Trade as a massive transfer of wealth in the name of saving the planet. He believes the resultant pot of money would be used to pay for nationalizing health care in the United States. He says that would put every health care professional in the country to work for Uncle Sam.

Lucas says there is little benefit for agriculture in Cap and Trade, but farmers will face more regulations and more cost piled on virtually every farming or ranching activity they are involved in.

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