Lull in Climate Change Action Provides Time to Look Again

Lull in Climate Change Action Provides Time to Look Again

25X'25 wants Congress to use delay to re-examine details.

The 25X'25 Carbon Work Group has identified two core concerns it has with climate change bills now under consideration. First, since the vast majority of farm and forestry-sourced support for a national cap and trade system emanates from practice changes delivering biological sequestration through an offset title, the legislative details must explicitly describe such a program. CWG says an offset program needs to be both operationally efficient and environmentally stringent to provide optimal returns.


The second major concern of the CWG focuses on the problems with overly restrictive legislative language that limits the opportunity to produce and deliver sustainably produced renewable biomass, and the allied biomass-biofuels conundrum around how and when it could be reasonable to measure and incorporate the effects of land use change into the biofuels lifecycle carbon accounting equations.


The Carbon Work Group challenges stakeholders in this debate to use the additional time provided by the delay in Congressional action to ratchet up their exploration of the policy options under consideration and the ramifications of those policies. At a time of tremendous policy uncertainty and competing demands on our farm and forest resources, CWG says it is important to know that viable solutions are available and are increasingly within reach of proposed federal legislation.

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