Major Storms Sweeping Across U.S.

Weather will impact almost all agriculture.

A large storm system is bringing heavy snows to the Northern and Central Rockies and Great Basin intermountain region, which according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey will help out the water supply for much of the West but also will bring freezing temperatures into Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Many fruit crops are blooming in Oregon, something Rippey says needs to be kept an eye on. Many western fruit crops are behind normal development, which should help mitigate losses.

That storm will keep moving east bringing high winds to the Southwest and strong thunderstorms to the Central and Southern Plains. Rippey says those areas are likely to receive 1-3 inches of rain. While the moisture will be needed, it will delay fieldwork in the Midwest. Meanwhile the South and Mid-South need to get ready for more severe weather like what was seen last week.

"As we get on toward the very end of the week, Friday and Saturday, some very heavy rains erupting across the western and central Gulf Coast regions," Rippey said. "We could see as much as 4-10 inches of rain there."

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