Mandatory Price Reporting Bill Passes House Ag Committee

Mandatory Price Reporting Bill Passes House Ag Committee

House ag also passes veterinary investment legislation.

The House Agriculture Committee recently approved three bills including the Mandatory Price Reporting Act of 2010. The bill reauthorizes mandatory price reporting for five years. It also adds mandatory reporting for wholesale pork cuts and electronic reporting for dairy products.

House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., says mandatory price reporting ensures that producers have access to transparent, accurate and timely market information that helps them make the best decisions for their business. Companion legislation was introduced this week in the Senate.

The committee also passed the Veterinary Services Investment Act which establishes a competitive grant program to support efforts to increase access to veterinary care in underserved areas. Chairman Peterson points out that right now the United States is experiencing an alarming shortage of large animal veterinarians who are the first line of defense against animal disease and play an essential role in ensuring food safety.

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