Marketing Plans are Crucial for Growers with Market Choices Corn

NCGA reminds growers to know approved markets, remember that some traits are not EU approved.

Although the U.S. has approved all grain with the Market Choices logo for food and feed use, not all traits have been approved in European Union countries. The National Corn Growers Association reminds growers to develop marketing plans for grain with the Marketing Choices logo, as the hybrids may need to be separated at local elevators to prevent it from entering exported grain.

The Market Choices helps growers and grain handlers identify corn hybrids that may not be approved by the EU. The EU is a leading market for corn gluten feed, and the distillers and dried grains market is growing there.

U.S. growers should be aware that many wet mills will not accept grain produced from Market Choices hybrids, in order to protect the EU feed market. Ethanol dry mills that may export distillers and dried grains to the EU may also refuse Market Choices grain.

"Ultimately, there are more markets accepting this grain than opting out," says Martin Barbre, NCGA Biotechnology Working Group chairman. "We just need to be good stewards of the technology and markets and ensure it goes only to approved markets."

Because not all elevators will accept grain not fully approved for export to the EU, NCGA suggests that growers may be best off feeding the grain to their own livestock or selling it directly to livestock feeding channels.

"Growers who still need help finding an approved market for any hybrids bearing the Market Choices logo should contact their seed dealer, the American Seed Trade Association or the Know Where To Go site at," Barbre says.

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