Mathews Company offers grain dryer savings calculator, purchase incentives

Mathews Company offers grain dryer savings calculator, purchase incentives

Calculator helps farmers determine estimated cost savings with a new grain dryer; Mathews Company extends winter grain dryer discounts

Mathews Company, a global manufacturer of grain dryers, is providing a web calculator to help farmers determine cost savings with a new grain dryer.

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"Holding onto cash, in this case, may cost farmers in the long run," says Joseph Shulfer, M-C president. "Just as we know to invest in the stock market when the market is low, we hope to prove to farmers that now is the time to invest in new technologies that will save them money in the long run."

Older, less efficient heat and cool dryers can cost a farmer, while newer technologies offer higher efficiencies that result in greater fuel savings, Shulfer says.

Mathews Company extends winter grain dryer discounts. (MC file photo)

According to the company, its line of vacuum-cooled tower dryers is the most energy efficient grain dryer Mathews sells. M-C's Vaccum-Cool Savings Calculator shows potential savings.

Farmers can enter in the desired amount of moisture removal, how many acres are harvested, anticipated yield, and local propane or natural fuel cost to show savings over non-vacuumed cooled dryers.

M-C says in many cases, farmers have realized more than 30% savings over traditional dryers.

Grain dryer purchase incentives extended
M-C is also extending its deepest discounts under the "Early Order" Grain Dryer Discount Program through April 30.

The program traditionally offers the deepest discounts from November to January with percentage discounts that decline monthly until April 20.

In addition, M-C Dealers are directing potential buyers to available grant and incentive programs that can give buyers additional ways to save money on their purchase, according to Sales and Marketing Manager Jeremy Kemp.

M-C says in many cases, farmers have realized more than 30% savings with vacuum cooled dryers over traditional dryers. (MC file photo)

For example, Kemp says that Mathews Company's relationship with the Propane Education Research Council offers farmers a $5,000 incentive for recording and reporting fuel usage to PERC for the first year dryer usage.

The incentive is paid directly to the farmer in two parts, with a portion paid upfront and the balance upon PERC's receipt of the fuel usage data.

M-C's new Modular Tower Series dryers (10' & 12' diameter towers) qualify, in addition to its vacuum-cooled Trilogy Series Dryer.

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"Because of our development relationship with PERC, they are generous to include our dryers in their incentive program," Kemp says.

"Dealers have even helped to find grant writers to help farmers obtain USDA's Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant, which can cover up to 20% of the cost. Some local gas companies have programs in place as well."

Source: Mathews Company

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