McCormick Upgrades Its CX Tractor Line

The three new models have 83, 92, and 102hp.

McCormick has updated its CX line of tractors with three featured models, the CX 90 with 83 horsepower, the CX 100 with 92 hp and the CX 110 hp with 102 hp.

All three models highlight Perkins Tier 3 direct-injection engines as well as 3-speed powershift power shuttle transmissions that allow effortless shifting through 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. A creeper speed transmission is available as an option for delivering just the right speed for all operations from planting to harvesting. The company notes the neutral feature on this transmission dispenses with the conventional clutch and associated service costs.

Standard power take-off is hydraulically engaged, wet multi-disc. Dual-speed PTO with either 540/750 rpm or 540/1000 rpm are available as options.

When equipped with one assistor ram the hydraulic power lift has a 6,519 -pound capacity on the CX 90 and a capacity of 7,054 lbs. on the CX 100 and CX 110. With twin assistor rams the capacity is upped to 9,038 lbs. on the CX 90 and 9,810 lbs. on both the CX 100 and CX110.

For more information, call your local McCormick dealer or visit

MOVING UP: Earlier McCormick CX models have been updated with a wider range of horsepower options and better cab visibility. The company has released new updates for a wide-range of tractor models up and down the line this year. Source: McCormick International USA

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