McDonald's Japan Sells with Aus NLIS

National media campaign focuses on Australia's beef safety systems.

It is without doubt the strongest customer endorsement for Australia's world-leading National Livestock Identification System ever seen.

The McDonalds hamburger restaurant chain in Japan has just completed a nationwide television and print media campaign focussed on the purpose and methodology behind NLIS and Australia’s beef safety systems from farm to export.

In a country where 15-second TV commercials are the norm, McDonalds has spent millions on the project, scheduling a series of 90-second TV 'info-mercials' which explain the industry's food safety management and NLIS system in detail, starting from a tagged beast on a breeding property through to the burger restaurant in Japan.

The broader campaign backing the ads, which also included bringing 40 key media and consumer representatives to Australia for a through-chain inspection of the animal traceability process, is the single largest promotional activity ever undertaken by McDonalds Corp in the Japan market.

While the campaign was designed primarily to underpin the traceability and food safety credentials of McDonalds' own burger patties made from Australian pure beef, it also provided priceless positive reinforcement for all Australian beef being sold into the Japanese market.

The only real cost to the Australian industry was some logistical support for the visitors and film crews during their visit.

The recent TV and print advertising has been backed-up by detailed content on the McDonald's Japan company website, and referrals to media reports generated from the Australian visit.

Source: Queensland Country Life

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