Merial Surehealth Limited Warranty Updated

Calves, producers protected against BRD with preconditioning program and warranty.

Merial announces that the Merial Surehealth Limited Warranty will be offered when 100% of the calves selling at the sale, or in load lots directly off the ranch, are certified through Merial's Calf Preconditioning Program.

"The Merial Surehealth Limited Warranty is proof of the confidence we have in the Surehealth program and the value of a properly preconditioned calf," says Dr. Frank Hurtig, director, Merial Veterinary Services. "This program is to help buyers and sellers of calves certified with Surehealth ensure the integrity of the program and keep calves healthy."

Merial will assist the buyer and the consulting veterinarian in the diagnosis and appropriate antibiotic therapy for cattle that develop bovine respiratory disease during the first 21 days following purchase.

To qualify for the program, calves certified with Surehealth cannot be commingled with those that have not. For more information contact your veterinarian or local Merial Sales Representative, visit or call 1-888-MERIAL-1.

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