Mexican Pork Demand Responding to Industry Messages

Mexican Pork Demand Responding to Industry Messages

Exports continue to increase in both volume and value.

An official of the U.S. Meat Export Federation says aggressive consumer education and marketing efforts continue to help to restore consumer confidence in the safety of pork. And that's apparent when you look at the demand for U.S. pork in Mexico. An outbreak of H1N1 caused U.S. pork exports to Mexico to fall in May, but they have increased every month since then and year-to-date through August are nearly 40% higher in volume and almost 20% higher in value than last year.


"I think we can take some credit for the campaign we had in terms of getting out science-based information to restore confidence among consumers," said USMEF's Chad Russell. "We also invested a lot more money and had a greater focus on promoting pork at the supermarket level."


Gerardo Rodriquez, USMEF director of trade development for the region, says targeted marketing techniques are helping to build a loyal retail customer base for U.S. pork in Mexico. The group uses a database with which it can send weekly e-mails to known pork shoppers informing them where they can buy the product, new ways to cook it and so forth.

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