Mexico Wants to Change Shipments of U.S. Beef

Discussions will be held Monday.

Mexico will resume imports from 20 U.S. meat processing plants it suspended in December. According to USDA spokeswoman Laura Reiser, Mexico has accepted the corrective action plans submitted by the plants. In addition, action plans from five additional U.S. plants have been received by USDA. The agency is expected to forward those plans to the Mexican government.

In the meantime, U.S. and Mexican officials will meet next Monday to discuss a Mexican proposal to ban shipment of U.S. meat products in large containers. The proposal would go into effect Jan. 15. The U.S. Meat Export federation says, under the proposal, Mexico would only allow shipments of carcasses, half carcasses and pieces when packaged in boxes or on pallets.

According to USMEF Communications Director Joe Schuele there isn't a lot of justification or explanation for why Mexico wants to make this change. USDA has asked USMEF to gather information from processors ahead of Monday's meeting on what types and how much product would be affected, as well as the cost and time needed to switch from combos to other packaging alternatives. It is believed the change would impact nearly 80% of what is shipped to Mexico.

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