Midwest Harvest Lags Behind Normal Pace

Some states are seeing bigger delays than others.

Corn harvest is significantly behind the five-year average of 30% with only 14% harvested. Soybeans are closer to a normal pace at 39% compared to an average at this time of year of 41%. A consistent factor has been harvest delays in the Midwest, which isn't surprising given the planting delays experienced last spring according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey.

"Illinois is 38 points behind their five-year average of 48% with only 10% harvested by Oct. 5," Rippey says. "Last year by Oct. 5 71% had been harvested so looking at some significant delays there."

Missouri and Kansas are also behind normal in harvesting corn. Soybeans are the same story for these Midwest states.

"We are seeing some delays in fill in some areas," Rippey says. "Illinois in particular, only 22% harvested by Oct. 5, and the five-year average there is 47%."

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