Midwest Has to Deal with Another Storm

Further delays expected for crop planting.

Although the Midwest has avoided rain for the past several days; temperatures have remained cool, preventing evaporation and leaving soils cold and wet. And according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey yet another storm is headed for the water-soaked Midwest.

"We're going to see rain returning to much of the Central Plains, the mid-South and the Midwest," Rippey says. "Totals aren't going to be particularly heavy; we're looking at one to three inches of rain coming in. Unfortunately that will be enough to be another setback to getting planting progress started across some of the wettest areas."

Rippey says several states that usually have some planting done at this time have been unable to maintain planting progress because of conditions. A prime example is Missouri, which has 2% of its corn planted, lagging far behind the five year average of 32%.

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