MIG Welding Made Easy

DVD helps you with your technique.

If you're still using a stick welder, or would like to try out wire welding, Miller Electric has a DVD they'd like you to watch.

The new instructional video costs $40 but it's 70 minutes worth of instruction on how to start MIG welding or how to improve your techniques. The hands-on techniques covered by the lessons are relevant to many fabrication or repair applications. The outline of the work includes proper machine set up, joint preparation, wire selection, gun angles and a special section on plasma cutting techniques.

Miller Electric's new "MIG welding Made Easy" DVD features nationally-known car crafter Ron Covell in a

70-minute lesson on how to MIG weld and how to better your techniques. The DVD covers a number of applications that apply to fabrication and repair found on the farm.

The DVD features Ron Covell, owner of Covell Creative Metalworking in Freedom, Calif., who travels the nation holding metal work seminars. Covell is well-respected in the street-rod industry and his cars and motorcycles have been featured in numerous magazines.

For more information, go to www.MillerWelds.com.

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