Millers Honor K-State Associate Professor

Millers Honor K-State Associate Professor

K-State's Jeff Gwirtz honored with Thaddeus Bownik Award for years of support to flour milling and grain processing industry.

The International Associaton of Operative Millers has honored Jeff Gwirtz, associate professor of milling science and management at Kansas State University with the 2010 Thaddeus Bownik Award.

The IAOM was founded in 1896 and is an international organization of grain millers and allied trades representatives that promotes education and training opportunities in the grain milling industries.

Gwirtz, who has been a member of the International Association of Operative Millers since 1983, has served on several different association committees and has had various roles within the organization.

Gwirtz was working his first job out of high school at a local coop when he learned about the K-State grain science department. On his first vacation, he traveled to Manhattan to learn more and decided to enroll in the milling science and management program at K-State.

Gwirtz said the milling science program at K-State has a strong link with the International Association of Operative Millers.

"Many of our association members and associates have degrees in milling science from K-State or have attended many of the jointly sponsored resident milling short courses that K-State and the association facilitate," he said.

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