Minibatt Comes to USA

Features selection of concaves for various North American crops.

While it probably isn't going to be high on the list of custom cutters for working the Great Plains, it could easily be a tool they use to make sure they start their combines on time!

The 14.4 volt battery operated Minibatt carries enough power to pull a dozen samples. It features a selection of suitable concaves for hard and soft wheats, barley, soybeans, rice, peas, oats, horse beans, rye and canola – as well as medicinal spice and flavor plants.

The 8 lb. Minibatt is suitable for both right and left hand operation and comes with a battery charger, spare sample cups, and a special concave for North American demands.

For more information on the Minnibatt and its German manufacturer, click on, or call (701) 967-8369.

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