Monsanto Boosts Roundup Production, Announces New Herbicide

Monsanto Boosts Roundup Production, Announces New Herbicide

New Louisiana facility will increase Roundup production by 20%.

Good news for glyhposate users: expect about 20% more Roundup-brand herbicide in the marketplace this year.


At the Commodity Classic in Anaheim, Calif., Roundup marketing manager Curt Uebele says the increase comes from a new Luling, La. production facility, which comes online today. Despite the increase in production, Uebele did not say whether a price decrease would follow.


"We'll always be at a slight premium over generics," he notes.


Speaking of generics, Uebele discussed some comparison testing Monsanto performed last year among glyphosate products. According to the data, Roundup performs up to 10% better than some China-manufactured alternatives.


For those looking to move to a herbicide program that includes multiple modes of action, Monsanto announced a new product that will be available this year. MON 63410 is a post-emergent herbicide that's designed to be applied over top of soybeans, before weeds emerge.


Uebele says tests have shown good control of tough weeds, such as palmer amaranth and waterhemp, using MON 63410 followed by a glyphosate application.


The active ingredient in MON 63410 is the organic compound acetochlor. Though it's not new the market place, Uebele says Monsanto's new, proprietary encapsulation process offers additional crop safety for broadcast applications.

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