Monsanto Develops Second Generation Soybean

Roundup Ready 2 Yield produces up to 11% more than RR beans.

It's all about location, location, location, and it's not just real estate. Monsanto, using gene mapping, has identified specific areas of the soybean responsible for higher yields and has successfully inserted the Roundup Ready gene to produce second generation soybean technology. The result, Roundup Ready 2 Yield, promises a 7% to 11% boost in yield over first generation RR beans, according to Monsanto's David Nothmann, who cites four years of product trials mainly in Illinois and Iowa. Nothmann made the announcement at the 2008 Commodity Classic, Feb. 29, in Nashville.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield, which has already garnered regulatory approval in the United States, Canada, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan, will be introduced in 2009 on one to two million acres in primarily maturity groups 2 and 3.

That includes all of Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio and Pennsylvania; most of Illinois and Indiana; portions of northern Missouri, Kansas and Maryland; and portions of southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota.

MORE BEANS – Alan Karkosh of Hudson, Iowa, (speaking) says he recorded a 7% to 8% yield bump with Roundup Ready 2 Yield over RR beans. Also pictured are Lincoln, Illinois grower David Sassa (left) who says he experienced an 8.5% increase in yield RR2 Yield beans and Monsanto's David Nothmann, who made the announcement that RR2 Yield soybeans will be commercially available in 2009.

Grower testament

Monsanto tapped 150 growers in 2007 field trials on 13,000 acres. "We wanted to get this technology to growers as soon as possible," Nothmann says.

Lincoln, Illinois grower David Sassa planted 11 varieties of RR2 Yield soybeans in a 2007 controlled trial and says, "We no-till our soybeans, so they didn't go in perfect conditions, but I was impressed with how they emerged and canopied quickly. We experienced an 8.5% increase in yield over Roundup Ready beans."

Alan Karkosh of Hudson, Iowa, who planted three varieties of RR2 Yield, says he recorded a 7% to 8% yield bump over RR beans.

The new bean offers the same RR system and will be offered in many leading soybean brands, including Asgrow.

More to come

Monsanto says the Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean will serve as a base platform for future technologies that may offer stacked agronomic and Vistive traits, like Omega 3, that benefit food and feed companies. "It's an exciting time for soybean growers. We've been stacking traits on corn for some time and now it's soybean's turn," Nothmann says.

Monsanto's market research asked growers where they would like the company to invest. "Growers said they wanted higher yields and wanted us to invest 83 cents of every dollar to develop that technology," Nothmann says. "Through gene mapping, we focused on more beans per pod and more pods per plant."

The additional yield, Nothmann adds, are needed to meet the growing demand for the food, feed and fuel demands of soybeans.

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