Monsanto Plans Expansion in Louisiana

Development will increase glyphosate production.

Monsanto is investing $196 million in its Luling, La. glyphosate production facility over the next 18 months to increase the company's global capacity for manufacturing glyphosate based herbicides.

"Growing global adoption of our seed products, including Roundup Ready crops, has led to increased demand for our Roundup agricultural herbicides," said Mark Leidy, executive vice president of manufacturing at Monsanto. "Today’s investment provides for new process improvements at our Luling manufacturing facility, allowing us to strengthen our manufacturing position while helping to ensure that our business is able to provide a reliable supply of the world’s leading herbicide brand, Roundup, to our customers."

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has approved permits that will allow expansion of both infrastructure and front-end manufacturing at the plant. The improvements, which will be complete in 2010, could increase production by about 20%.

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