Monsanto Reacts to Roundup Decision

Growers can still use Roundup Ready alfalfa, though an injunction places limits on further planting and purchase of the seed.

A U.S. District Court already found that the USDA failed to follow the proper procedure in determining what environmental impact Monstanto's Roundup Ready alfalfa would have. Now the company reacts with disappointment to a preliminary injunction that limits the purchase and planting of the seeds until further hearings.

"We are hopeful that a reasoned approach in this matter will address questions about the regulatory approval process for Roundup Ready alfalfa while maintaining farmer access to this beneficial technology," says Jerry Steiner, executive vice president for Monsanto.

The injunction will allow continued harvest, use and sale of the Roundup Ready alfalfa and seeds. Growers who intend to plant Roundup Ready alfalfa and have already purchased the seed as of March 12 may do so if said seed is planted by March 30, 2007. The order also said growers intending to plant alfalfa after March 30, 2007, must plant non-genetically engineered alfalfa and that sales of Roundup Ready alfalfa seed are prohibited after March 12 pending the court's decision on permanent injunctive relief. The court has scheduled oral arguments on the nature of any permanent injunctive relief in this case for April 27, 2007.

Monsanto is disappointed with injunction, especially in regards to the March 30 planting deadline, which pushes up the plant date for many who usually would plant later.

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