Montag launches new nutrient metering system

Montag launches new nutrient metering system

Montag Manufacturing introduces the GEN II Nutrient Metering System.

Montag Manufacturing has introduced a new nutrient metering system, the Gen II.

"Designed from the bottom up, the Gen II Nutrient Metering System accomplishes all the goals growers told us they want in a metering system," says Anthony Montag, general manager.

"This new product addresses the needs of the agricultural industry as well as product improvements that we have been working on and are really excited about bringing to the market," he continues. "Today, it is very difficult for producers to find valid ways to reduce costs that can be reflected in the bottom-line. A decrease in the amount of fertilizer that is applied is a great option to reduce cost for most producers."

TRAILED TRACK SYSTEM: Montag also announced that the Camoplast track system in now an option for their fertilizer carts.

Key features include dual product with two 4.5 ton tanks, each with scales; VRT per section with up to four sections; easier to service or repair two-inch hoses with not splitting and joining of hoses; and stainless steel and composite materials to reduce corrosion.

"The real key innovative feature of this GEN II product is the ability to add rows and configure drives," Montag says. "You can now invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to your operation as it evolves and grows for years to come."

The new metering system is designed so that rows may be added easily by attaching an air chamber to the existing air plenum in the center of the meter, sliding an auger cartridge in to the slot in the bottom of the metering system and into the opening in the air chamber, and then attaching a gearbox and inserting the drive shaft.

NEXT GENERATION METERING: Montag introduced the GEN II metering system recently during their Nutrient Placement Conference and 10th Anniversary celebration.

By adding multiple drives to the Gen II metering system, you can control up to four sections on each of the bins, thus having section and VRT control with any number of rows in each of the sections you choose to configure.

Tracks available
Montag also announced Camoplast tracks are available for the fertilizer spreaders. "It's a durable, tough system," Montag says. Advantages include 70% less ground pressure, more ground contact, and reduced ridging or berming at the headlands.

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