Montana Beef Processing Plants to Open

Montana Beef Processing Plants to Open

CEO thinks company can resurrect beef business.

The chief executive officer of American Food Products believes his company can resurrect the beef business in Montana. Ron Oberlander told Meatingplace that finding a steady source of supply in Montana and other northern states has been a challenge, but he believes that his products can re-establish demand.


American Food Products, based in Florence, Mont., will open the first of two meat processing plants next month in Laurel, Mont. That plant is expected to produce up to 60,000 pounds of product per month.  A second plant in the area could open 12 to 24 months later nearly quadrupling monthly production.


Those products, marketed under the Montana Cattle Company brand name, would include sausage, jerky, deli meats and cooked ground beef. The key ingredient would be omega-3 fatty acids, a claim that has been approved by USDA.

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