Moran to Lead House Hunger Caucus Again

Congressman will continue to head group focusing on hunger issues.

Congressman Jerry Moran will have another two years at the head of the House Hunger Caucus, which raises awareness about hunger issues and the role that American agriculture plays in fighting hunger around the world.

"The economic downturn threatens progress we have made in our communities and around the world in reducing the number of hungry people," Moran said. "As a co-chairman, I will work to ensure that the Hunger Caucus continues to play an important role in Congress to educate Members about this issue in an effort to lead the fight against hunger."

During the year, the House Hunger Caucus meets regularly and holds briefings and hearings to talk about solving hunger problems. It also acts as a line of communication between organizations working to feed the hungry and lawmakers who provide the money for the effort.

Moran was first appointed as a co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus in 2007.

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