More FMD Found in South Korea

More FMD Found in South Korea

Animals being buried to contain spread of virus.

A case of Foot-and-Mouth disease has been confirmed in North Gyeongsand Provice, Korea.  This is the first case discovered outside of Andong where the disease was first reported early last week. Confirmation has put the provincial government and state quarantine agencies on the highest alert as it has become more likely the highly contagious virus will spread throughout the province and possibly beyond.

Test results from cattle on farms in the region showing possible signs of the virus have yet to be reported. The most recent case confirmed was on a livestock farm in Yecheon, some 21 kilometers southwest of Andong. Over 200 cows within a 500 meter radius of the infected farm were destroyed and buried underground to stem the spread of the virus to other regions.

As of Monday, a total of 47,000 cows, pigs, goats, and other domesticated animals at infected farms and nearby ones were culled and buried under the disease prevention program. The provincial government said about 30,000 more livestock will be buried.

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