Motorists Can Find Ethanol Pumps on the Web

Several online tools aim to guide motorists to E85 pumps.

Several Web tools are available to motorists who are planning long-distance trips and looking for E85 pumps along the way.

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition ( allows users to access an E-85 directory one click from the home page, and the U.S. Department of Energy also has a guide for E-85 stations at  

MapQuest has added an alternative fuel function to its mapping features. By using travelers can search for alternative fuel stations.

Several NCGA state affiliates also offer E85 guides on their sites:

South Dakota:  

On the National Corn Growers Association Web site, the group's CEO Rick Tolman relates his first-hand account of finding E-85 on the "Ethanol Corridor" in Illinois, at

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