Mounted sprayer offers performance, narrow transport width

Mounted sprayer offers performance, narrow transport width

Amazone's new UF sprayer, which mounts to the three-point hitch, offers compact design, but big boom results.

This sprayer has a 98-foot wide boom, but can fold up to less than 8-feet wide for road transport.

Amazone keeps innovating its application equipment now with its new UF hitch-mounted sprayer now offering the Super-S2 boom with a 98-foot width, but it only rhas a 7.9-foot transport width and a transport height of just 10 feet. Amazone engineers offer a unique profile design with multi-folded boom sections in steel or aluminum. The boom can also be folded into different widths - 79-ft, 59-ft., and 42-ft., which provides maximum utilization of the sprayer even in narrow fields, just refold the sprayer to work. The system is designed with a front tank option for improved flexibility, especially in small or awkwardly shaped fields. The tank has a 793-gallon capacity. Learn more at a U.S. distributor of Amazone products.

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