NAILE Hosts Angus Programs

NAILE Hosts Angus Programs

Entries are due Oct. 1.

The North American International Livestock Exposition is scheduled for November 6-19 in Louisville, Ky. The American Angus Association will host its 127th Annual Convention of Delegates and related Angus activities during NAILE.  Angus events will include the Annual Meeting, educational sessions, social events and a 2010 Super Point Roll of Victory Angus Show, which is also designated the 2011 National Angus Show.

The Angus junior show will take place Sunday, Nov. 14; the ROV bulls will show Monday, Nov. 15; and all ROV females, including cow calf pairs, will show on Tuesday, Nov. 16. Entries for the Angus show at the North American International Livestock Exposition are due Oct. 1.

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