Narrow-Pulling Air Drill

Narrow-Pulling Air Drill

Great Plains emphasizes narrow transport widths with new air drill design.

The new 3007HD from Great Plains offers growers a high-capacity 30-feet air drill that folds to 10-feet for highway transport -- thanks to a three-section design that folds forward and down.


The new design also boasts a floating tongue that pivots at the toolbar to allow the unit to flex front-to-rear for crossing uneven terrain such as terraces.


The 3007HD also comes with a hydraulic down pressure system which allows the operator to apply the same pressure (up to 550 lbs.) to all rows, regardless of terrain for proper and dependable seed placement.


A three-section folding design allows the 30-feet Great Plains 3007HD air drill to fold to a 10-feet transport width.

The new machine comes with two 100-bushel tanks and 12 high-flotation skid steer tires and is capable of taking the following options: Individual row blockage monitor; 6-inch fill auger; variable rate drive: tramlines: and dual side-fold hydraulic markers.


For more information, visit, or call (785) 823-3276.

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